Sunday, September 2, 2012

All Things that Reach Out

So, here I am, with a blog. I struggle in accepting the fact that me too, like all the rest of the world, am becoming a blogger. How comes, if I don't even know what should I write on a blog!? Is it supposed to be a diary? I doubt it, unlike the diary, which is written in a secret booklet after everyone's gone to bed, the blog has certain a certain audience. Unknown audience. So I don't know what shall I share with this audience. Or, even worse, isn't the audience going to be made up by just the same people that are already listening to me on all the other information channels, like Facebook, and by mail, or Skype? So why writing also a blog?
A blog is a public diary, that's how I think of it. A place where to share my thoughts which happen to be longer than a Facebook status, and maybe the thoughts for which I'd like to reach to more people than just my closest friends who get them by mail.
It's going to be a lazy and irregular blog, like myself. It's probably even going to be written in different languages, as sometimes different ideas or events happen in different linguistic and cultural circuits. Feel free to correct my English, my Italian, even my Bulgarian, I would appreciate that.
It's also going to be an All Things Blog. Life is way too colorful and diverse than any blog, but, in the same time, it's the blog about my life. So it's likely to find emotions, thoughts, hopes and doubts, but also food recipes and exclamations about how great is the last movie I saw.
So, welcome!

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  1. Evelina, I've been meaning to come and comment. Congrats on starting a blog! I started mine when they were still kind of a new thing and didn't really know what I was even doing (a friend talked me into it). Now, after many years of blogging, I have come to really appreciate it as a mode of genuine self-expression that sort of transcends categories. How can something so personal be so public? I'm not sure, but I personally don't feel that it being public makes it less personal, although I've heard some people argue that. (I keep a diary too, and I have to say that it is a VERY different beast than a blog-- starting with the fact that I do not let anyone read it, much less everyone). Anyway, I'll look forward to reading whatever you write, as long as it is in English.

    Also, I just found a lost comment that you posted to my blog back in August. Thanks-- I don't know how I missed it. : )